Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Global IPv6 Strategies From Business Analysis to Operational.Planning

This book intends to provide a business perspective on IPv6 and its adoption, complementing the many technical IPv6 titles available today. It also intends to provide the readers with some of the “whys” and the “whens” applied to IPv6 strategies and some of the “hows” discovered through implementation experience
by various organizations, countries, and market segments around the world. If the clamor of IPv6 has reached your desk and you simply want to understand what the big deal is, this book will bring you up to speed.
To that end, the book will present you information that answers the following questions:
• In a nutshell, what are the real technical benefits of IPv6?
• What are some of the business and technical opportunities presented by
• What IPv6 adoption strategies have emerged in various markets and
throughout the world?
• What did other organizations do to adopt IPv6?
• How do I prepare my organization for IPv6?
The book combines market analysis and case study methods to provide the
current state of IPv6 adoption. It also provides practical guidelines based on the
extensive IPv6 planning and deployment experience of the authors.

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