Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Cisco Press - Cisco IOS Quality Of Service Implementation

Today’s networks are carrying more data in the form of bandwidth-intensive, real-time voice, video and data, which stretch network
capability and resources. Cisco IOS® software provides a toolbox full of quality of service (QoS) solutions to help you solve
problems caused by increasing traffic demands on the network.
The goal of QoS is to provide better and more predictable network service by providing dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter
and latency, and improved loss characteristics. QoS achieves these goals by providing tools for managing network congestion,
shaping network traffic, using expensive wide-area links more efficiently, and setting traffic policies across the network.
Internet service providers, small and medium-sized business networks, as well as large enterprise networks can take advantage
of the solutions provided by the Cisco IOS QoS software features.
This white paper presents the Cisco IOS QoS implementation in the following sections:
• Introduction
• QoS Framework
• The Cisco QoS Toolkit
• QoS Signaling
• Cisco QoS Policy, Management, and Accounting Capabilities
• Network QoS Application Examples
• QoS Looking Forward
In addition, reference matrices and commonly requested QoS definitions are included in the appendices

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