Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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Cisco Press Troubleshooting Remote Access Networks

Remote access is about buckets of technologies. Remote access is about how to reach the
remote LAN. The uniqueness of working on remote access is the opportunity to enhance your
knowledge and to design, implement, configure, and support the variety of technologies used
for remote access solutions today. Your troubleshooting ability changes based on your position
or location in the classical trio of remote access—whether you are a remote user, a service
provider site, or at the corporate site. As a troubleshooting engineer, maybe the best position
you can choose is the last one. The uniqueness of the enterprise remote access is that you have
limited visibility into the cloud, but you can see both ends of the remote access service and you
control the headend side. Of course, troubleshooting is maybe more about hunches, about rightand-
wrong, and about experience, but knowledge definitely helps. Combined with passion, it
can make troubleshooting a genuine craft.

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